Petra Dielman

Founder and content manager at ArnhemLife

I've lived in Arnhem since 2009 and I can't think of anywhere else I'd like to live, and call my home!

In January 2015 I started an AirBnB, but I did not expect a lot of guests. I was wrong! People from all over the world travel to Arnhem! Two of my guests told me they could not find so much online information in English about Arnhem, so -good host that I am- I decided to start ;) I love Arnhem because of its history, I’m especially thinking of WW2, the Battle of Arnhem, A bridge too far… In Arnhem we remember this every year and it is so important we keep in mind that our freedom came at a price.

In November 2015 I changed my ArnhemLife blog into a business, and since them I am working together with Miriam and many guest bloggers. We want to create a platform that covers all the elements that you’d like to learn more about when it comes to culture, social, food and living in Arnhem. We also provide guided city tours for small groups, families or large business groups. Book one of our already existing tours or let us creat a tour that fits your needs. Hope you enjoy it!

Miriam Fuselier

Designer & Blogger at ArnhemLife

I love culture in every form; dance, theatre, music, art, architecture, literature and of course design. I love sports, nature and urban life. That is exactly what Arnhem has to offer in numorous ways. I would like to map it for you, make it visible and share all this with you, not only with locals but for every one who comes to Arnhem. So the city is accessible for everyone. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

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