Finding your way

Did you just move to Arnhem as an expat or international student, and are you looking for some info on “how to” and “where”, than look no more! ArnhemLife created a platform for you where you can find all the information you need. Do you miss some vital information? Please let us know and we’ll update the post!

Useful blogs can be found at the bottom of this page.


**Basic Information**

Get a hold of a city map

They are available in some shops for free. The VVV office (inside the main Arnhem railway station) will have them for sure.


This website shows you where all the supermarkets are located in Arnhem. Keep in mind that the Spar and the Albert Heijn/AH to go shops are at the expensive end. Cheapest are the Lidl and Aldi shops. The rest is in between.

Cellular Phones

Information about cellular phones can be found at the KPN shop (Jansstraat 8a), T-Mobile shop (De Gruyterpassage 4), Belcompany (Vijzelstraat 14), Vodafone store (Vijzelstraat 25), Telecombinatie Koningstraat (Koningstraat 65). Visit a few and ask what they can offer you.
When you make phone subscription, make sure you bring an ID card and bank card. Often you will need a Dutch bank account to get a subscription.

Opening a bank account

The Rabobank (Willemsplein 6), ING (Willemsplein 38) and the SNS Bank (Koningstraat 25) all can be found in Arnhem City Center. Bing an ID and find out what the options are.





Emergency Roadside Assistance

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) is the organization to call when you have car troubles. You must be member of the organization, otherwise it can be pretty costly. Call: 0800.0888. It is more cost-effective to apply for membership – or Route Mobile for emergency help in Holland at very competitive prices. Call: 0800-0504 (free).

Driving licence

Driving licence information can be found here, and we’ve put together some facts that might be useful concerning rules and regulations:
• Make sure you carry a driving licence, car registration papers and insurance documents in the car while driving. (Dutch, EU and International Driving Licences are accepted).
• Mobile cellular telephones may only be used with a hands-free system while driving. Even holding a mobile in a moving vehicle is considered an offence.
• Seatbelts are mandatory in the front and rear seats of the vehicle.
• Unless otherwise signposted, vehicles coming from the right have priority.
• Busses have priority when pulling out.

Traffic tickets you don’t want to get:
• Unnecessary honking € 250 - 370 euro
• Ignoring a red light € 230 euro
• Non hands-free calling € 230 euro
• Parking on a handicap spot while you don’t have a special permit € 140 - 370 euro
• Driving on a bus-lane € 140 euro
• Not wearing a seatbelt while driving € 140 euro
• Not being able to show your driving licence € 90 euro
• Parking in a non-parking spot € 35 - 90 euro


When parking alongside blue lines on the pavement you’ll need a blue parking card. You can buy one at the Primera (Rijnstraat 4, Steenstraat 17a) or Bruna shop (Stationsplein 155, Shoppingcentre Presikhaaf - Hanzestraat 58, or Kronenburgpassage 94). The card allows for two-hour parking in designated area.

Bike Rental

Bike rental in Arnhem. If you are in The Netherlands, you might have noticed that there are loads of bikes EVERYWHERE. There are many bike lanes and they are in good condition. So it’s only natural you might find yourself looking for a bike rental place.
You can rent a bike at the train station in Arnhem. You need an ID and the deposit is between €50 and €150 euro’s depending on what kind of bike you would like. A basic bike costs €7,50 up to €15 euro’s a day, this is including insurance.
If you will stay here for a longer period, you might consider buying a bike at a second hand shop:
Used Products
Another option to get your hands on a bike is to look for a “fiets” on Marktplaats.nl (Dutch Ebay).

Public Transport

While traveling by Public Transport you need an OV-Chip card. You can get one at the main railwaystation. The NS ticket information centre will provide you with all the information you need. You can use this card when you travel by train and/or bus. You can still buy a bus ticket while hopping on. Have some change ready when you do.
When you use the OV-Chip card to check in to travel by train, make sure you do this at the right portal! There are several companies that all have their own portal! Even more important, check out at the same company where you made the check in!! When you don’t do this, it will cost you €10. You can get this back, but it’s still a hassle. Read more about the portal use here.




For General Practitioners (Huisarts)

You must register with a doctor in your postcode area for general medical needs and any health-related problems, including specialist referrals and prescriptions. A good idea is to ask neighbours or co-workers to recommend you one. The same goes for a dentist. Doctors on duty outside office hours, Arnhem region: Huisartsadienst 0900-1598 (10ct/min).

Pharmacy/ Chemist (Apotheek)

For prescription and non-prescription drugs visit your local apotheek. You must register with an apotheek in your area for prescription drugs. Here is a list of pharmacy’s in Arnhem.



We wrote a blog about finding a house in Arnhem.
Keep in mind that finding a rental home, especially a furnished one is not that easy in Arnhem, so make sure you don't wait till the last moment to search for one!




For a list of children Day Care centers click here.
For a list of Nursery Schools click here.
For a list of Elementary Schools click here.
For a list of Secundary Education Schools click here.

Universities in Arnhem

ArtezUniversity of the Arts.
HAN (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen).
Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science.

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