Job Openings




We are looking for bloggers and or vloggers!
Writing in a positive, funny way is what we do, but there is too much going on in Arnhem and we can’t keep up! We wish to create a “go to” platform for tourists and expats, and make it as complete as possible.

We are looking for people who''ll provide us blogs, one every two weeks or monthly about handy information when you move here, what was helpful to you as an expat?

Also blogs on the cute little shop you found, hidden gems, where there is live music, blogs about upcoming events, cultural stuff etc etc etc. We’d then spread it on FB, Instagram and Twitter. All you need is a positive and funny way of writing and a camera (phone?) to take 10 - 15 photo’s to go with the article. The blog sneeds to be in English and also in Dutch. We are a mostly English website now but we are working on improving our website and including Dutch blogs too.

What's in it for you? Often we write about new restaurants or exhibits. We offer the business exposure in return for a free meal at the restaurant or free entrance fee. We would love to send you there to take a look at the restaurant, museum or market on our behaf. This would mean a free meal or entrance fo you and sometimes a friend. :)

Contact us when you are interested and we’ll put you on the bloggers email-list. You will receive an email every two to four weeks with assignments and updates.


Social Media Lover

We are looking for someone to help us fill the ArnhemLife Facebook page. Post events, fun facts, photo's of (old) Arnhem, that sort of thing.
Do you like to sort things out, do you have a few hours left during the week, does creating a social media calender/plan get you exited, and are you available on a 2 weekly base to meet up for an hour? Contact us and we’ll schedule a meeting.


Event Calendar Manager

How awesome would it be to have a calendar available with all the fun things Arnhem has to offer? We would love to provide this, but it takes so much extra work that we might need some extra help.

We are looking for someone who can keep up the calendar, this would take about 1 hour a day. Add all the events, live music, art exhibitions, concerts, special cinema showings, and so on.

Would you be willing to take this on? Contact us if you do :).

All positions are non-payed, until we make some money. We will share in the profits but for now it's a volunteer job.
So, when you have a soft spot for Arnhem, a few hours of spare time during the week AND you want to help promote Arnhem.